GHL/Airchatty Live Chat Integration

Botbuz now lets its users integrate GHL/Airchatty as a live chat portal. This not only gives live agents more flexibility and comfort but also increases the access of GHL audience to channels that are not natively supported by GoHighLevel.

  • Integration of GHL/Airchatty with botbuz
  • Transferring Flow From Bot Automations To Livechat
  • System Bot Commands

The current live chat feature supports all the channels which are supported by Botbuz. The channel limitations (such as 24-hour limit for Meta channels still apply the same).

Integration of GHL/Airchatty with botbuz

On your dashboard, click on the Integrations tab. Scroll down till you see “GoHighLevel” under live chat tab. Connect your GHL/Airchatty account here.

You can also establish a connection by going into the Integrations tab, scrolling till you see the CRM tab, and then connecting your GHL/Airchatty account under CRM V2

After connecting your account, come inside the bot that you want to connect. Scroll down and select the Settings tab from the side scroll menu. Click on the Live Chat tab. Scroll down till you see “Live Chat Integration” and select “GoHighLevel” from the drop-down menu.

Transferring Flow From Bot Automations To Livechat

In order to transfer the bot from botbuz automation to live chat in GHL/Airchatty, you will need to use two actions in combinations

  1. Talk to Human/Pause Automation(mandatory)
  2. Live Agent Notification(optional)

These two actions when used in succession will first pause the bot automation from proceeding further and then transfers to the agent in GHL/Airchatty live chat portal.

System Bot Commands

These are the commands you can type in the live chat portal of GHL to get relevant information regarding the user or automation status.

If you are replying to the customer, and received the user is out of 24 hour window. You can then use GHL built-in SMS or email to reach out to them.