Google Tag Manager Integration & Implementation

  • Integrating Google Tag Manager With botbuz
  • Using Google Tag Manager In botbuz
  • Sending Custom Events To Google Tag Manager

Botbuz now lets its users integrate with their Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 accounts and let them monitor and send tag events to keep analytics and metrics of relevant flows and data.

For this integration, you must have the following things

  1. GA4 Account with Website added as a data stream
  2. GTM account with a website added
  3. Web widget already live on a website

Integrating Google Tag Manager With botbuz

In order to integrate your Google tag manager we first have to connect your website with Google Analytics 4

On your GA4 dashboard, click on admin settings

Go to Data Streams and add your website

After adding, click on the website, and copy the measurement ID. We will need this to integrate with botbuz.

On your botbuz dashboard, click on Integrations and scroll down till you see Google Tag Manager. Click on it and paste the Measurement ID

Your botbuz is now integrated with your Google Tag Manager.

Using Google Tag Manager In botbuz

Botbuz sends several events back to Google Analytics, they are listed below:

In order to track them, in your GTM, click on triggers and click on Create New Trigger

When setting up the trigger, choose custom event and the name of the event should be the same as defined in the table above.

When trigger is setup, you can now create a tag and attach it to this trigger.

This will enable you to receive the tag you created in your GA4 and you can keep track of this event as well.

Sending Custom Events To Google Tag Manager

You can send custom events to GTM by using bot automation flows inside the omnichannel.

Click on action block, click on Advance Actions and select Send gtag event

Click on edit action and create the event.

Once the event is made, you can now use it in a flow and the tag will be fired whenever you will reach the desired point in your flow.