Integromat just like Zapier is an automation platform where you can connect to hundreds of third-party software.

To integrate Integromat with your you only have to make a few steps.

From your dashboard go to Integrations from the left-hand menu. Then select Integromat.

From here press the button mentioned in step 3 called Start Integromat Integration.

How to add Botbuz to your Integromat account

How to use Integromat

Once added you can build a new scenario. Search for the app Botbuz and you should find it now

Once you have added the app inside the scenario you will have access to different triggers and actions.

If we want to create a tag for example then we will need to be able to connect to our Botbuz chatbot.

For this you will need an API key.

Insert your API Key and then press the button Continue.

Once connected you can set up your entire automation inside of Integromat